With over twenty-five years of experience, the attorneys at Walker & Ismail are armed to provide responsive, results-oriented and cost-effective legal services to each client we represent.

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Plano Divorce Lawyers

Plano Family Lawyer for Easy Divorce

Family law is an area of law that deals with all aspects of family relations. Family law take in: adoption, child custody and visitation, children’s rights, child support, marriage and pre-marital agreements, separation agreements, divorce , spousal support, marital property division and other legal issues relatable to the family.

Family law courts generally hear cases pertaining to dissolution of marriage, legal separation of the parties, nullity of marriage, child custody, child and spousal support, domestic violence petitions, and other family related legal issues. At Plano Law office, we have our specialist family lawyers who are highly experienced in relation to property matters, child custody disputes, separation and divorce. We deal with the process of these issues on a daily basis and our lawyers understand that these issues can be a traumatic and uncertain to time.

As these issues are very decisive for you, therefore It is very important to consult with a qualified family law specialist about any major life event or change, such as a divorce, adoption of a child or placement of a child for adoption, child abuse matters, child support modifications, child visitation and custody, being accused of or a victim of domestic violence, or other major family law issues; which Plano Law office is providing splendidly.

Why Us?

With our experienced advice, guidance and representation, many of our clients are able to achieve timely property settlements through a Mediation process, thus avoiding the expense, delay and stress of Family Law Court Proceedings. However, some cases cannot be settled (e.g. where there is a spouse who refuses to negotiate on reasonable terms) and it becomes necessary to initiate court proceedings in order to promote our client’s best interests. You will have the benefit of the firm’s sound knowledge and experience in knowing when it is best to litigate in Court and knowing when it is best to settle out of Court.

We offer the following services:

  • We will attempt to resolve every matter in which we are instructed as quickly and cost effectively as is possible;
  • We will explore every settlement avenue possible before committing you to the expense and stress of court litigation; If Court proceedings are necessary we will vigorously pursue your interests.
  • We will work closely with our clients to resolve any relative issues coming up with no hidden cost.

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** Please check whether Plano Law office provides all these services under their Family law.

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